An Ecstatic Radhastami at New Goloka!

Hare Krishna!
We had a wonderful Radhastami day, here at New Goloka! If you missed it, or would like to revisit the activities, they have been recorded on Mayapur TV!

Browse to and scroll down to select “HillsboroughNC” from the list of channels:

Click on the “Videos” tab, and look for the Radhastami videos (there are 4):

As the recorder of the aforementioned recordings, I feel I must admit to being very human and imperfect, and having made the following mistakes – other than these, the videos are WONDERFUL!!:

“Morning Program Radhastami” is only 7 minutes long. It starts with Tulasi Puja, and then accidentally cuts off just before the morning class.

“Radhastami Daytime Program” the actual program doesn’t start until 11 minutes and 46 seconds into the video. Before that, there is beautiful, silent Darshan – perfect for introspection, meditation on Srimati Radharani, or a focal point for some quality Japa.

“recording” was the very beginning of the evening program – again, beautiful darshan and virtual association, but no sound (it’s about 10 minutes long)

“Radhastami Evening Program” picks up where “recording” left off, and is a wonderful celebration of this most Auspicious day of Srimati Radharani’s Appearance; however, the sound doesn’t come on until 10 minutes and 40 seconds in. Feel free to fast-forward, or use this quiet time as suggested above.

We, the technology team, are constantly working to improve your New Goloka Mayapur TV experience.  If you have any suggestions or questions, or unhappinesses (sometimes called “complaints” – but I don’t like that term), Please feel free to email and I will share the information with the rest of the team.  Speaking of which, if you are interested in getting involved with the Technology Team, we would LOVE to have you!

Radhey, Radhey!

Your Servant,

Bhaktin Cheryl


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