Among all twelve months, the month of Kartika is dear to Lord Sri Krsna. If somebody performs a little worship of Lord
Sri Hari in this month, He offers that devotee His own abode.
Sins accumulated in all previous lives vanish in an instant when a lamp in offered to Lord Damodar during Karthik.
By this offering, all prescribed activities, even if devoid of Mantra, rituals and cleanliness are brought to perfection.
These dipas will bring wealth, abundance, prosperity, all sorts of opulence, progeny, a benign glance and wisdom.
Observing a human offering a lamp to The Lord, even the Devatas think, when will I get his association. (Padma Purana, Conversation between Krsna and Satyabhama)
Anyone who arranges a Karthik lamp in their house will gain the results of an Agni-Stoma sacrifice.
In family of those who admire with great devotion the illuminated temple of the Lord, no one will ever experience hell.
Between the offering of all existing wealth and the offering of a lamp during Karthik there is no comparison – in fact, the latter is certainly more precious. (Naradiya Purana)

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