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The Chariot Festival of Lord Jagannatha (Ratha Yatra), the Lord of the Universe, has been performed at the spiritual seaside resort of Puri, India for more than two thousand years. Since 1976, this attractive, beautiful, and bliss inspiring annual Jagannatha Ratha Yatra festival has been celebrated by the Hare Krishna devotees on New York’s Fifth Avenue, the heart of New York City. This Jagannatha Ratha Yatra festival is performed in a mood of love and devotion and invokes auspiciousness for universal peace, harmony, and good will for all of God’s children.

To attend this glorious blissful festival in NY, we are making arrangements for travel and lodgings to attend this festival at a very nominal price of $125 per person.

Please pay the amount at the Gift Shop and register below to secure your seat! 

Request to please pay by check to “ISKCON NC Gift Shop” or if you pay by credit card, the charge is $128.

Deadline for payment : 30th April. 2017 

Limited seating : 55 seats only

Date: 9th June – 11th June.

9th June:

2pm: Bus Starting from New Goloka temple at 2:30pm.  Please assemble by 2pm at the temple

7:30pm: Dinner prasadam at a suitable picnic spot on the way.

9:30 pm: Arrival in Delaware for night stay at motel. (4 persons per room)

10th June: 

8 am : Start travel to NY

11:00 am : Arrival in NY around 5th Ave. & 45th St. Manhattan, New York City to attend Rathayatra.

5:00 pm : Travel by subway to Radha Govinda temple in Manhattan, NY.

8:00 pm: Dinner Prasadam

9:00 pm: Depart from NY to NC.

11th June:

8:00 am : Arrival at the New Goloka temple , Hillsborough

Luxury Bus Details : 55 seater, Coach Features High back reclining seats, TV and DVD, Bathroom, AM/FM Cassette/CD, Internet, Luggage, Heat/AC

What is included in the trip ?

  • Travel to and from New Goloka, NC &  NY Rathayatra, travel to NY temple. Any other travel expenses will not be included.
  • Lodging at the Delaware with 4 persons in every room. Any other special needs of private rooms bookings etc. should be taken care by the person.
  • Dinner Prasadam on 9th June, Breakfast available at the Motel in Delaware, Dinner Prasadam on 10th June at NY temple. Any other prasadam expenses will not be covered by the ticket.

Appreciate everyone to please be timely and co-operative to avoid any delays to the entire group.




Jai Radha Golokanda! Jai Srila Prabhupada! Jai Jaganath!


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