Panihati festival – Sunday – 27th June

Grand Panihati 


Sunday, June 27th



2-4pm Preparing, filling and decorating the special Panihati pots

4pm Aratika and Kirtan

4:30pm Class on the Glories of Panihati Festival by Her Grace Jadurani Mataji

5pm Special distribution of Maha Prasadam pots directly from the altar of Sri Sri Radha Golokananda and Sri Sri Gaura Nitai

5:45pm Dinner Prasadam

Panihati, also known as Cida-Dahi Mahotsav, is a famous festival based on the pastime of Lord Nityananda and Raghunath das Goswami. Pots filled with various preparations, especially chipped rice and yogurt mixtures will be offered to Radha Golokananda and distributed to the devotees.

Ways You Can Help with the Panihati Festival

1. Paint a Pot: Buy a clay pot and paint it with pictures related to Krishna or various pretty designs. Bring the painted pot to the temple by 2:30pm on Sunday, June 27th.  (Text/WhatsApp Ratna Radhika dasi for more information 919-452-4051)

2. Bring Sweets or Savories: We request devotees to bring varieties of sweets and savories like laddus, cookies, burfis, pakoras, samosas, dokla, etc.

3. Help Fill the Pots with Bhoga Offerings: Please come to the temple kitchen by 2pm on Sunday. We will need a lot of enthusiastic help cutting fruits and preparing the pots.

For further information please contact Aditya-Narayan Dasa (407) 451-7735 or Lila Shakti Dasi (919) 448-5178


Please consider sponsoring a Panihati Pot:






We will save special Panihati pots and prasadam for you. Please contact Aditya Narayan Dasa (407) 451-7735 to reserve your Panihati pot.

Donations can be made through PayPal: or click on the link below

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