Protect Bangladesh Hindus

Hare Krishna
Please join us for a *Global Kirtan* for the protection and prayer of the oppressed residents of Bangladesh. After the recent disturbing incidents in Bangladesh, we are requesting everyone to join and support this important prayers and protection meet. We are requesting the mayor and media to support and cover this cause.
*WHEN* Saturday 23rd Oct 4pm to 6pm.
*WHERE* Procession starting at intersection of Davis Drive & McCrimmon Pkwy and ending at Church Street Park. (Shuttle service available from Church street park to the starting location)
*His Holiness Bir Krishna Goswami Maharaj* will lead the procession and speak at the park.
For further information, contact: Ujjvala Rasajna Dasi (347) 610-8257; Aditya Narayan Dasa (407) 451-7735.
Please share the flyer and this information. Thank you

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