• The Hare Krishna movement has been dubbed the “kitchen religion”. We are famous for our sumptuous vegetarian food. In the process of bhakti-yoga, however, devotion goes beyond simple vegetarianism – and food becomes a method of spiritual progress.

    We offer bhoga to Sri-Sri Radha Golokananda deities with prayers and sacred vedic mantras by devotional brahmins. By such sacred offerings the bhoga becomes prasad or prasadam, which is the mercy of the Lord.

    The prasadam thus becomes a means for our purification and spiritual development .

    At ISKCON NC, since 1985 we have been serving sanctified vegetarian prasadam 5 meals per day to our visitors, Weekly Sunday Feast programs, Weekly meals to UNC University, Duke University & Seva Bhakti Yoga Club at NCSU, end of the year outreach programs, Opulent feasts for all major festivals & more !


Annadhan is the distribution of spiritually sanctified food, prasad, to people in general and to people in need. Because it is food which is offered first to Lord Krishna, it is considered spiritual and sacred, and grants more benefit than simply satisfying one’s hunger. One may take prasad himself, but if he distributes it or helps it to be distributed, the benefits are multiplied hundreds of times. This important charity is recommended in the Vedas for people at any time of life. It purifies the individual of reactions to sinful activities that were knowingly or unknowingly performed, and grants eternal benefits.

“One should offer prasad to the demigods, the saintly persons, one’s forefathers, people in general, one’s family members, one’s relatives and one’s friends, seeing them all as devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.” –BhagavataPurana 7.15.6

Donate and Volunteer and change others’ life today

Feeding is not a charity. It’s our obligation. It’s our duty.
Several concerned citizens have resolved to join hands, to ensure that no one should ever go hungry. Be proud to become one of them.
You can help by donation and by your voluntary services to help distribute food.



Below is an overview of the expenses known so far.

Please contact us to take a tour of the kitchen construction and know more on detailed expenses.