Effective immediately, our Sunday program and feast (as well as Sunday school) is cancelled until further notice*
Dated 13th March, 2020

  • Timings

    4:00 pm Kirtan

    4:30 pm Bhagavad Gita Talk

    5:30 pm Feast

    6:30 pm Hare Krishna Bhajan

    7:00 pm Arati

    8:30 pm evening darshan

    Gift Shop is open since 4:00 pm!

  • Sunday Feast   A Festival every Sunday!

    Sumptuous Feast!

    aaaaaSelf-Discovery Enlightening talks!

     aaaaaaaaaaFun Children’s Activities!

     aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTeaching from Scriptures!

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaLively Transcendental kirtan!

    Come join us for an ecstatic experience by engaging in joyous singing, dancing & feasting!

    Enjoy the company of learned scholars who are well versed with the science of applying ancient wisdom in modern times, demonstrating how spiritual life can be practically applied to enhance one’s quality of life.

    We welcome anyone, regardless of one’s belief system, into an experience of selfless loving service.

    We welcome your contributions to sponsor Sunday Feast for $251

    The sponsorship amount for Sunday feast on festival days is $351

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