Special Guest Speaker, Sept 8-10

His Grace Keshavananda Prabhu is very knowledgeable and presents inspiring lectures on science and spirituality based on the Vedas. He is adept in Sanskrit and Bengali and has read the Vedas, Upanisads, Pancharatras, Mahabharat, Ramayana and Puranas as well as Ayurveda, hermeneutics, dialectics, aesthetics and comparative religion. He has presented seminars on various scientific topics in major universities in India and US. He is the author of many books in English and Hindi.

Friday, 8th Sept, 6:30pm:
Topic: Krishna's advice to Uddhava: How to advance in devotion?
Address: Madhav Prabhu & Lakshmi Mataji's house, 303 Thorn Hollow Drive Apex NC.

Saturday, 9th Sept, 5pm:
Topic: Gita summarized in only Four Verses.
Address: Raj Prabhu & Rajshree Mataji's house, 2802 Grasmere Drive Greensboro NC.

Sunday, 10th Sept, 4pm:
Topic: A Journey from Faith to Love!
At ISKCON New Goloka temple.


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