• Temple

    New Goloka temple is a member of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), whose Founder-Acharya is His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.
    Their Lordships Sri SriRadhaGolokananda, the presiding deities of New Goloka, were installed in August 1985. Spiritual activities carried out by the temple are for humanitarian welfare purposes.

  • Programs

    The temple has been founded by HH Bir Krishna Goswami who is one of the spiritual leaders and GBC (Governing Body Commission) members of ISKCON. Under his patronage, the temple has steadily grown to provide various programs and celebrations of year around festivals. ISKCON NC is popular for grandest  large scale “Janmashtami” celebrations in NC, which is attended by +9000 people.

  • Contact Us

    Newgoloka.com is a non-profit website of the Sri SriRadhaGolokananda Temple, Hillsborough, North Carolina. It offers you information on various activities and services carried out by the temple. All inquiries about our activities and services are encouraged.

    Please contact us at iskconnc@gmail.com or Tel Phone: +1 (919) 7323205, +1 (919) 7326492

ISKCON NC welcomes you to visit the temple and experience the transcendental bliss and tranquility, which the temple is famous for. Each week the temple is visited by many new people who come to take the blessings of the breathtakingly beautiful Lordship RadhaGolokananda and feel ecstatic!

The temple is famous for opulent Vegetarian Sunday Feast prasadam hosted every week at 4:00 pm. The temple is daily open from 4:30 am in the morning for services of their Lordships Sri SriRadhaGolokananda which includes abishek (bathing), dressing, beautifying, cooking, offering boga and aroti 5 times daily. The deities are daily offered fresh flower garlands artistically designed to match their outfits!

There is at least one festival celebrated each month in the honour of Appearance of various Krishna’s incarnations or expansions. The temple also supports number of programs such as weekly offering free prasadam (sanctified food) to students of Duke University and University of North Carolina, Bhakti Yoga Program at UNC, Krishna West in Chapel Hill, Transcendental Book Distribution and Harinaams, Bhagavad Gita Study Home Programs &more!