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Hare Krishna Bhakti Yoga Center

Founder Acharya His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada

Donate Bhoga

Donate Bhoga – items regularly used in temple kitchen

Every time you go shopping, you can considering picking up one of the below items for Krishna. It enhances the mood of giving and our remembrance of Krishna.

Daily/Weekly Use Bhoga Items (organically produced always preferable)

  1. All fresh vegetables: Seasonal, local, organic, strong life-force 
  2. All fresh fruits, especially bananas, berries and grapes Dried fruits and nuts, organic preferred 
  3. Basmati rice (preferable as we use this every day).
  4. Dahl: split mung, chana, toor (non-oily), urad, green/yellow split peas, etc. 
  5. Oils: Sunflower oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil 

Whole Milk (preferably pasteurized/non-homogenized, no added hormones/other additives*)

  1. Powdered milk
  2. Unsalted butter (without additives/flavorings/etc) 
  3. Ghee (from cows only) 
  4. Heavy cream (no additives or mono and diglycerides*, such as Maple View Farm brand) 
  5. Organic atta/chapati, whole wheat, white, bread and pastry flour.
  6. Quinoa and other whole seeds.
  7. Besan flour (preferably from the USA or Canada) 
  8. Pure honey (preferably raw) 
  9. Non-GMO, bone char*-free sugar (i.e., Zulka and Florida Crystals or any organic brand) 
  10. Salt (Fine grind Himalayan or Sea Salt , preferably unrefined) 
  11. SPICES: Ground & whole spices: black pepper, cumin, coriander, turmeric, cayenne, paprika, cinnamon, kalonji, fenugreek, cardamom, etc. 
  12. Beans: whole chickpeas, mung, black, pinto, cannellini, great northern, kidney, etc. 

Ahimsa milk and dairy by-products are preferable and most pleasing to Krishna! 

*may contain animal by-products/non-vegetarian 

Paper Products

We try to use earth friendly plates, cups, spoons, etc. Please avoid stryfoam products.

Bhoga Items We Avoid Using 

These items are not considered offerable to the deities 

  1. Adulterated, additive containing dairy products (made in factories, may contain other animal by-products or unofferable substances such as vinegar) 
  2. White sugar (may contain animal products or is genetically modified) 
  3. Bleached, enriched white flour (may contain GMOs and pesticide residues)
  4. Commercial masalas and spice mixes for various preparations (may contain unofferable substances since it is prepared in bulk in factories) 
  5. Milk products from other animals such as Buffalo or goat 
  6. Canola, soybean, corn, “vegetable”, and peanut oils, as well as any hydrogenated oils such as “shortening” (may contain GMOs and pesticide residues) 
  7. Anything canned or frozen, I.e., not fresh